Our Indian bridal wedding outfit wear is a true reflection of your personality and there is no compromise on that. The right blend of your taste and the latest upcoming styles will enable you to choose the right wedding attire. From stylish to graceful and bold to lively, Indian bridal wedding outfits styles are as diverse as the people of the country.  Here are the top bridal wear trends for every type of bride out there:

                      PUNJABI BRIDAL OUTFIT

bridal outfit

The wedding outfit in this region takes place mostly on lines of the Sikh tradition. The traditional wedding dress is a Salwar Kameez or Lehenga. Punjabi brides are the most gorgeous brides all over in Indian briding styles. They chose color is mostly red or maroon and the entire dress is exquisitely decorated with beads and embroidery.

They wear rani haar-long, gold necklace, red&white Chora bangles with (kalire) tika, Nath, etc. It consists of pretty golden and silver dangling.


uttar pradesh bride outfit

The bride wears Lehenga Choli with rich embroidery usually in red color and the dress can be of silk, velvet or crepe. Gold Jewellery adorns the bride with ‘choora’ bangles and ‘Sichuan’—the toe ring which is very important for a U.P. bride.

                       BENGALI BRIDAL OUTFIT


Bengali bride wear is the red Benarasi silk saree with beautiful shades with golden Zari work all over and a piece of gold jewelry worn all over.

The sandalwood paste and red paint designs painted on the bride’s forehead, cheeks, and chin. the red colors liquid applied to the hands.

                         PAKISTANI BRIDAL OUTFIT

green pakistani outfit
Green bridal wear
Pakistani wedding bridal outfit
Pakistani wedding bridal outfit

Pakistani Bridal Dresses is in a unique form style with beautifying the bride.  Pakistan has a unique culture and the dresses worn here for weddings are distinctive and different from those worn in any other part of the world.

Sharara outfit for the wedding
Sharara outfit for the wedding

Pakistani brides wear three main types of dresses. The most popular Pakistani bridal dress is the sharara-kurta. It consists of a long fitted shirt or kurta and a pair of ruched wide-legged pants, called the sharara.

                   KASHMIRI BRIDAL OUTFIT

kashmiri wedding bridal outfit
Kashmiri wedding bridal outfit

‘Pheran’ is the name of Kashmiri bride dress. it is a combination of Indian and Iranian dressing. The bride has to wear an elaborate headgear called the ‘Tarang’.

A white cloth turban called ‘Zoojh’ is tied on the bride’s head along with a ‘Kalpush’. The Zoojh is covered with a golden glazed paper.

The bridal Lehenga wore heavy Zari and Kashmiri embroidery with Heavy gold jewelry.          

                          CRISTIAN BRIDAL OUTFIT

Christian bride in pretty gown

Christian marriage in India is mostly an adaptation of western wedding ceremonies. The white dress has become as much a symbol of Christian wedding bands or diamond rings.

A white wedding dress is a symbol of innocence and purity.

Qualities that some Christians find extremely important in brides.

Brides would wear richly colored fabrics made of silk, muslin, velvet, and fur instead of white. the gowns players with jewels and any other obvious sign of wealth that was available.




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